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 Palermo surf & kitesurf LESSONS
Today in Italy surfing is involved by thousands of people.
Along our Sicilian West Coast We've great weather, frequency and quality of waves all year.
You can try surfing with our instructor for test lesson of 1 hour or choose the basic course for 6 lessons of 1 hour and half each.
Lessons will take place at beaches near Palermo like Isola Delle femmine (15 km from palermo airport) and Mondello, by the excellent weather conditions and learning in total safety too.
Every student will have all the gear to Surfing, depending the conditions of the day for a fast and safe progression, starting with soft-tops boards (surfboards covered with soft foam to prevent impact), Malibù boards, hybrid boards or shortboards.
All necessary equipment included in the lessons: wetsuit, board, surf wax and security leash.
For expert surfers is recommended the Advanced Course or supervised rental of surfing equipment at attractive prices.
Choose our Villa Isola, the one and only real Surf House Palermo in Isola delle Femmine (PA); a pure "surf style", you'll meet many people and organise surf party, BBQ grill, private mini halfpipe, all at few meters from best surf spots of the coast, and with these services:
-Trasnfer to best local spot
-Surf Camp (accommodation + breakfast + surf lesson/rental)
-Surf Guide and safari (Lead by experts local surfers)
-Rental (wetsuits, Softop boards and performance surfboards)
For info and reservations:
Tel. +39 3318017241
Tel. +39 3315395300


Surf Palermo - surfschool & lifestyle

our Surf School in Palermo have only instructors with ISA (International Surfing Association) certified patents.  


Check certified instructors:



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