THE KITESURF INITIATION include 1 Lesson of 1,30 hour.
Practice flying a real kite with short lines, first on the beach and then in the water, introduction to the flying equipment and specific drills in preparation. This lesson will give you the first safe approach to kiteboarding.
You'll receive the support by our certfied instructors with all the gear: wetsuit, harness, helmet and a real kite.


Our instructors will teach you at top of safety and fast learning technique.

BASIC KITESURF COURSE includes 6 hours course for 3 lessons. The goal of this course is to introduce you to kitesurfing in the safest and quickest way possible. You’ll first learn how to fly a kite and as soon as you feel confident you’ll be ready for the first water starts.
All the gear ready by our team: wetsuit, harness, helmet, impact jacket, walkie/talkie radio and a real kite. At the end of the course You'll receive the member card, with you certified level, recognized worldwide
After a basic course you can choose an ADVANCED KITESUF COURSE A package of 3 lessons for 6 hours. The goal of this course is to improve your riding skills, reach the level you are looking for or learn some new tricks and improve Your style freeride/wakestyle/wave strapless and freestyle strapless
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Best Palermo and Sicily Surf School

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Kitesurf Palermo - Stagnone - Sicily

Professional coaching spoken available in English, French and German. Ask for accomodations Tel & whatsapp +393318017241